In the ever increasing search for perfection, women may alter the shape and size of their breasts. A Breast Augmentation is typically the surgical procedure involved to either realign or increase the size of breasts. The obvious fact is that this isn’t a small thing. It involves a person’s body, and so, it must be approached with great care. Many breast augmentation surgeons in Albany area claim that the procedure is fairly harmless. However, you must not take the bit of assurance as absolute, for Breast Augmentation still has a risk to it. But we’ll look at some of them.

Capsular Contraction

Basically, this is the response the body accords to a foreign material. Breast implants are merely synthetic materials filled with either salt water or silicone gel. During surgery, a breast implant is inserted beneath the tissue. And one of the risks is that the body might harden the tissue surrounding an implant. This can distort the shape of the implant! And by extension, it may ruin the whole aesthetic effect. So, one must keep in mind that a breast implant has the potential to backfire seriously.


There are two popular prosthetics that act as breast implant: saline and silicone. Both have an outer silicone shell. But the saline implant has salt water in it whereas the silicone implant has a viscous silicone gel. If a person takes great care of their body and avoids strain, the chances are low that the implants will rupture. However, in the event that they rupture, it may not be all rosy, as it were when one received the implant and looked stunning. If it is a saline implant, the contents will leak out into the body, posing health risks. Still, the outer silicone bag will be trapped in your body. Obviously, that will need surgery in order to remove. But coming now to the bigger concern; silicone implants. When they rupture, the silicone remains trapped. Silicone is a polymer with harmful chemical properties. But the worst one can expect inception of breast cancer. Additionally, silicone ruptures are hard to notice, so one may live for a long time without realizing that their implants have ruptured; which makes it a great risk of Breast Augmentation.


This is another risk subject to recipients of a breast implant. I mean to say that the surgical officer might not get it right with the first shot. Say, the surgery was aimed at increasing the size of a person’s breasts, and then the left breast comes out many sizes too big than the right breast! Obviously that would be soul crushing! In order to restore the defect, one must go through another surgery, and probably it may lead to more complications, and in this way it makes Breast Augmentation such a risk.

Wrong Position of Implant

In this case, a person might have a successful Breast Augmentation, but then afterward realize some complications like misalignment of the breasts. You must remember that beauty depends on factors like symmetry. Therefore, if the breasts fall out of alignment, then there’s cause for worry. More scaring is the fact that misalignments aren’t immediately apparent; they may occur slowly and irreversibly, until one day a person wakes up and looks in the mirror and finds out!

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A person’s health affects their quality of life. For instance, depressed people don’t see the fun in activities like stable individual do. Meaning that, our status of health plays a key role in our existence. In fact, there’s a saying that health is wealth! Over the centuries, the human race has endured many health challenges, and although some plagues like small pox were eliminated, still there are more health issues bedeviling the human race. In recent years, we have been witness to a rise of new health challenges and I have a summary of 2015’s Top Health Issues.

War & Destruction

In 2015, the world has been witness to senseless killings of a political nature. Many countries, among them Syria, South Sudan, Central Africa Republic have taken centre stage in violating human rights, and various militias have massacred people. The effect of these atrocities has obviously been felt across the world. For instance, Syrians have been fleeing their home country and sailing away in Europe, where they have had a most difficult time. In the ongoing war, hospitals have been bombed, children orphaned, and everything is not in its rightful position. In Africa, South Sudan rebels have massacred opposing factions, and CAR has tension between Christians and Muslims. It means their young generation won’t go to school, and in following, won’t be able to take care of anybody else when they come of age, making war one of 2015’s Top Health Issue.


The main Ebola outbreak occurred in 2014 but still the impact carried on to 2015. The world has been watching as horror continues in West Africa. Ebola outbreak showed the world how developing countries were unprepared to handle future health issues. For one, developing economies allocate poor resources to the health sector, which are not sufficient to cater to the needs of its people, and so in the case of a deadly outbreak, the people would be helpless against it. Still, Ebola has raised important concerns that touch on health. For one, it places medical researchers on the notice, since they haven’t been able to come up with a cure. And another concern is about vaccination, reason enough to earn a place in 2015’s Top Health Issues.


In this day and age, the consequences of advancement haven’t been all rosy, because a major shortcoming has been pollution. In developed economies, their scales of production have even risen. For instance, in a country like Brazil, which exports machinery, there is unbelievable air pollution. So, the citizens are forced to breathe metal-laden air, and the result of which may be serious ailments, including cancer. Since developing countries are catching up too, it seems the effects of pollution are being felt nearly everywhere. It is imperative that the world seeks alternative energy sources to sustain our hunger for technology because the path we’ve taken is obviously destructive.

Mental Health

This also ranks high on the list of 2015’s Health Issues. The economies of the world may be claiming to expand and all that. But there’s an inescapable fact. There’s a wide gap between the rich and poor. When a person is economically disempowered, they nearly always get mental problems like depression. The world is practically full of depressed people.